Practical Steps to Buying Fit-for-Purpose Fire Resistant Glass

Right now it’s extra-important to source fire-resistant glass from approved manufacturers and suppliers as counterfeit products have hit the UK market. This is a dangerous development and it’s worth making the extra effort to limit your risk in terms of sourcing products that are fit-for-purpose.

The counterfeit “fire resistant” glass products were uncovered in the light of an investigation undertaken by the Northern Ireland Adverse Incident Centre where they found the sub-standard glazing in a hospital and further research led to the discovery of similar counterfeit glass in a number of public-use buildings in Northern Ireland.

No doubt many of those involved in the management and construction of these projects and even the installation of the glazing units had no idea the glass was counterfeit. However it left the public and staff at these facilities at considerable risk of serious injury.

In the case of the hospital project, the manufacturer or another party seems to have falsely stamped the product as fire-rated glass and legal proceedings are in progress. In these circumstances it really highlights the importance of dealing with a trusted, approved supplier.

There are a couple of practical steps that you need to take to ensure that you are purchasing a fit-for-purpose fire resistant glass solution.

Purchase from a recognised brand

When it comes to purchasing fire resistant glass, buying a premium branded solution is the best route. This ensures that you can be being confident that the glass purchased is manufactured to meet the specified standards and fire rating. Pilkington is a premium brand of fire-rated glass and probably the best-known name in the business for fire-resistant glass.

Look for Evidence of Quality Standards Marking

One of the first things you should look for is the CE mark and Pilkington apply this, along with the relevant standard marking, depending on the type of glass and appropriate rating e.g. EN14449, EN12150-2 & EN572-9.

Choose an Approved Partner

Only approved partners can manufacture and supply Pilkington Glass. In order to be approved, Diamond Glass went through a very thorough programme which has included investment in equipment and machinery, the implementation of very well-defined process, extensive quality measures and the up-skilling of the team to manufacture to the exacting standards required by Pilkington. The company has frequent audits on its processes and Diamond Glass has consistently maintained “partner” status throughout these audits.

If you’re in the construction business then you know when it comes to fire safety glass that quality and authenticity are critical. As an approved Pilkington Partner, Diamond Glass can tick those boxes and offer competitive pricing at the same time. Call now to discuss your requirement.