Walk on Glass – The Top 5 FAQs

Walk on glass is an incredible versatile solution offering aesthetic appeal and maximising safety and security. At Diamond Glass, we’ve observed a surge in popularity in the use of walk-on glass in both commercial and residential design.

With such a surge in popularity and use of walk-on glass draws curiosity. To help designers, architects, construction project managers and engineers alike better understand why they should consider incorporating walk-on glass into their next project, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions.

walk on glass

1. How safe is walk-on glass?

Walk-on glass floors are designed to be just as secure as concrete would be beneath your feet. Layers of toughened glass are bonded together to form a safe and strong surface, suitable for pedestrians to walk upon.

Different walk on glass thicknesses are available depending on your project, and your manufacturer can advise on the number of layers you should choose for security. Moreover, the glass incorporates a tough anti-slip surface on the top, which is certified as high as R-11, that prevents the glass causing falls.

2. Are walk-on glass panels for internal or external use?

Walk-on glass will enhance a range of projects, both internal and external. In interior design, the glass will provide the perfect finish, whether it’s installed as glass stair treads or as a striking feature floor in a restaurant or bar. It could even be installed in boats, to allow breath-taking views of the ocean floor.

Furthermore, when natural light is scarce, toughened glass to walk on is the ideal choice. As examples, it can be used in walkways, roofs, or terraces to maximise the amount of light in your space. Additionally, the glass can be laminated with your logo or a bespoke design to further enhance your business’s interior or exterior.

3. Can I install a walk-on glass roof?

Walk-on glass can be installed for any application you can imagine, including the roof of your building. The glass is durable enough to withstand any weather, whether it’s installed as a skylight or entire roof panel. Ultimately, a walk-on glass roof will help you turn your building into a modern art installation, allowing people to star gaze from the comfort of the building, or venture out onto the roof for breath-taking views.

4. Is walk-on glass double or triple glazed?

Walk-on glass floor specialists like Diamond Glass can provide the panels in a single, double or triple glaze, depending on your project’s requirements. For internal applications, such as walk-on glass roofs or walk-on glass floors, double or triple glazing is recommended for environmental and financial reasons. After all, the greater the level of glazing, the lower your building’s energy requirements and heating costs will be.

5. Is walk-on glass easy to clean?

We gets lots of questions like this about walk-on glass panels, but the panels are surprisingly easy to keep clean. Should it ever be required, the material can withstand power hosing. However, this is unlikely to be necessary as the material can be treated with a self-cleaning coating to deter dirt, stains and debris.

For further information on Diamond Glass walk-on glass solutions, download our Walk-On Glass tech spec datasheet or contact our specialist team. We have delivered walk-on glass solutions for numerous projects worldwide and would be happy to advise on the specifications of your design.

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