Second Hoaf Heat Box Laminating Oven and Clean Room Commissioned

Diamond Glass has recently completed the commissioning of its second HOAF HEAT BOX® glass laminating facility complimented by a large state of the art Clean Room and HOAF’S unique SMART BLANKET production system.

The addition of this second facility more than doubles our laminating capacity as the smart blanket system reduces preparation time by up to 50% and horizontal loading in to the oven allows us to laminate up to 50m2 glass in a single run. Cycle times are also reduced allowing the possibility of 2 runs per shift. This is far superior to more traditional production methods.

The commissioning of this new plant represents a significant investment by Diamond Glass in its commitment to being a leader in the supply of all types of multi-ply laminates and further enhances our reputation of providing the highest quality product with industry leading delivery times.

Our new clean room facility ensures that we continue to supply the highest quality product available on the market  today.