Walk on Glass

Safety with every step

Certified Anti-Slip Walk-On Glass.

Diamond Walk-On Glass is a toughened laminated glass with a certified anti-slip surface making it the safest product on the market, even in wet conditions. Our Walk-On Glass is manufactured from layers of toughened glass laminated (bonded) together to form a safe and strong surface.

We use a tough anti-slip upper surface, certified as high as R-11, making it the safest Walk-On Glass available. Whether it’s for stylish glass stair treads or functional roof lights, Diamond Walk-On Glass offers the perfect solution. All of our Walk-On products can be incorporated in to double or triple glazed options to meet building energy requirements.


Range & Applications

With Diamond Walk-On Glass, the only limit is your imagination

Our range of walk-on glass products can provide the perfect finish to any interior design project.
– Glass stair treads in the home or a feature floor in a bar or club.
– Hotels, restaurants and retail outlets can enhance branding with logos and designs laminated in to a bespoke walk on glass floor.

When natural daylight is scarce, Diamond Walk-On glass is the solution.
– Overhead, walk on glass floors, walkways and hatches.
– Roof lights for basement conversions and other hard to illuminate areas.
– Roof terraces and gardens maximize the space and keep the light.
– Switchable On/Off privacy and solar options available.


Why Diamond Walk-On Glass?

With all walk-on projects safety is paramount. Our engineers are with you at every stage to ensure that the glass you get is suitable for its intended purpose. Do you need 2 or 4 edge support? Our technical team will tell you. What about loading? Span? Don’t worry, we’re here to advise.
Market leading safety – our glass is certified as high as R11 anti-slip rating.
Most comprehensive product range including double and triple glazed all produced in-house.
Option of switchable SmartGlass incorporated in to your walk-on roof light project.

Why Diamond Glass?

  • Product design – Lighter, thinner, stronger safer walk on glass products
  • Tailor made walk-on glass solutions – Need single, double or triple glazed? Walk-on glass floor, roof or hatch? Not to worry, we design to your specific needs and requirements
  • Technical support – Market leading technical team to answer your queries and help you understand your options when it comes to walk on glass features and products
  • Fastest lead-time from order to delivery – We make it our mission to help achieve your deadlines


We supply walk-on glass to:
– McLaren F1
– Yahoo!
– London School of Economics
– Banco Bradesco
– The Goring Hotel London
– Ryanair

For further information about our walk-on glass solutions, please see our Technical Data sheet or Contact Us to speak to a member of the Technical Sales team.