Fire Resistant Glass

Don’t Leave Fire Safety to Chance

The Diamond Fire Rated Glass range is backed by years of research from Pilkington, the world’s leading producer of fire rated glass.

Diamond Glass has been selected by Pilkington as a key reseller of their fire safety glass products. Our commitment to superior service and support is the perfect fit with Pilkington’s commitment to delivering the highest quality and most reliable range of fire rated glass products.


Range & Applications

Pilkington Pyrodur
The Pyrodur range of fire safety glass is designed to offer protection from, and halt, the progress of smoke and flame in the event of a fire. Available in both internal and external grades, it offers protection for up to 60 minutes and is used in internal and external doors partitions and screens.

Pilkington Pyrostop
Pyrostop fire rated glass provides both insulation and protection. In the event of a fire, the glass will protect people and property from heat, smoke and flame from up to one hour. Used extensively in fire escapes and stairwells, it aids safe exit from danger.

Double Glazed & Triple Glazed
Where additional protection is required, Diamond Glass is certified to combine products into double/triple glazed units. When glazed in to an approved system, the level of protection offered by fire resistant glass can be prolonged significantly.

Walk-On and Roof Lights
Building regulations often require overhead glazing to be fire rated. Our fire rated glass range helps you to comply with such regulations.


Why Diamond Fire Rated Glass?

The Pilkington name is known and trusted all over the world for the quality of its glass products. Backed by years of R&D, the Pyro range leads the market in the protection and versatility it offers. Fire is unpredictable, its effects potentially catastrophic. With Diamond Fire Rated Glass, you are guaranteed consistency and reliability in fire situations.

Why Diamond Glass?

  • Product design – Lighter, thinner, stronger and safer fire resistant glass
  • Tailor made fire safety glass solutions – We design to your specific needs and requirements
  • Technical support – Market leading technical team to answer your queries and provide expert advice
  • Fastest lead-time – The Diamond Glass team works with you to help achieve your deadlines


We supply fire rated glass to:
– Scottish Parliament
– London School of Economics
– National University of Ireland
– Network Rail
– State Street Bank
– Sisks

For further information on our fire rated and fire resistant glass solutions, please download our brochure or contact our technical sales team.