Anti-Attack Glass

Experts in Bespoke Anti-Attack Glass

The first line of defence against intrusion. Diamond anti-vandal glass and anti-theft glass is designed and manufactured to protect people and property from non-lethal attack and to meet specific threat levels.

Our anti-vandal glass and anti-theft glass is thinner and lighter than comparable products, whilst offering better protection. This level of security and protection comes from our specialised technique of combining layers of glass with impact resistant interlayers and polycarbonates.

Use Diamond attack resistant when you need to maximise your viewing field but can’t take risks with security. Our installed products allow excellent visibility in banks, retail outlets and galleries, all the time protecting inventory. While in secure units and medical institutions, our security glass protects staff while ensuring patient well-being.


Range & Applications

Protect staff and stock in luxury good and jewellery outlets with Diamond anti-vandal glass and anti-theft glass

Galleries & Museums
With the added value of UV protection, Diamond attack resistant glass is used to protect works of art from damage, theft and the harmful effects of sunlight

Mental Health
Studies prove that natural light is essential for patient well-being and recovery. Diamond attack resistant glass allows this necessity while protecting staff

Detention Centres
For staff welfare, energy savings and inmate comfort, Diamond attack resistant glass ticks all of the boxes

Innovation in every panel

Diamond Anti-Attack Glass is lighter, thinner and stronger than traditional security glass and is manufactured and tested to strict British and European standards – BSEN365 Levels in both all-glass and glass/polycarbonate/glass constructions.

Diamond Anti-Attack Glass is available in the following anti-attack classifications:

  • P5A
  • P6B
  • P7B
  • P8B

The combination of quality components with our unique manufacturing process, results in greater clarity and strength.


Why Diamond Glass?

  • Product design – Lighter, thinner, stronger and safer
  • Tailor made solutions – We design to your specific requirements. Single, double or triple glazed? Need walk-on? We can help
  • Technical support – Market leading technical team to answer your queries and help you understand the options
  • Fastest lead-time from order to delivery – When time is tight we will work with you to help achieve your deadlines


We supply Diamond Glass to:
– The Home Office
– National Health Service
– Ministry of Defence
– Irish Prison Service
– Iron Images
– Belgian Prison Service
– The Foreign Office
– Banks & Financial Institutions

For further information please see our Technical Data sheet or Contact Us to speak to a member of the Technical Sales team.