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3 Top Security Tips for Protecting Glass Shop-Fronts

Though glass shop-fronts are advantageous for window marketing, they also create a vulnerable point in a building’s exterior. The perceived fragility of the material makes them highly attractive to both vandals and thieves alike. Fortunately, there are security measures which …

December 8, 2016
walk on glass

Walk on Glass – The Top 5 FAQs

Walk on glass is an incredible versatile solution offering aesthetic appeal and maximising safety and security. At Diamond Glass, we’ve observed a surge in popularity in the use of walk-on glass in both commercial and residential design. With such a …

December 2, 2016
blast resistant glass

A Quick Guide to Blast Resistant Glass

For a variety of both innocuous and malicious reasons, the modern world necessitates the use of blast-resistant glass more and more often in the design of building façades and interiors. When an explosion occurs, flying or falling glass and debris …

November 22, 2016
increase business security

How to Increase the Security of Your Business Premises

Keeping your place of business secure, and ensuring the security of the people and goods inside it, is an understandable and necessary concern for business owners and managers. No matter the size, industry or sector, all businesses with a physical …

September 21, 2016
toughened Glass

Laminated Glass vs. Toughened Glass – Key Differences Explained

Laminated glass and toughened glass are frequently confused in the world of architecture as one of the same. While both are types of security glass, there are actually some key differences between the two and particularly in the reasons why …

September 15, 2016
ballistic glass

The Complete Guide To Ballistic Glass

To the naked eye, ballistic glass (bulletproof glass) may just look like any ordinary pane of glass. However the security and protection that this type of glass offers is far from ordinary. Ballistic glass is specifically designed to offer a …

August 26, 2016
fire resistant glass

Fire Resistant Glass FAQ’s

Fire resistant glass has become more and more prominent in modern construction due to increases in legislation from international bodies such as the International Building Code (IBC). Bodies like the IBC require that buildings conform to certain safety standards. The …

July 28, 2016
fire rated glass

The Importance of Fire Rated Glass for Workplace Safety

An important element of any workplace safety strategy in the U.K. is a solid fire protection strategy. It’s not only necessary to ensure that your fire protection strategy is in line with U.K. building regulations but that it maximises the …

July 21, 2016
toughened glass partitions

Why Toughened Glass Is a Popular Office Design Feature

Toughened safety glass can play an obvious role in financial institutions, hospitals, prisons, cash businesses and other commercial properties where security is a primary concern. However, toughened glass is also becoming a much more prominent feature in office design in …

June 15, 2016

Key Applications for Ballistic Glass

Ballistic glass is designed to protect against weaponry of any calibre, and lends itself to a number of exterior and interior applications. The technology works by alternating multiple layers of bonded glass, or thinner polycarbonate, with specially developed inter-layers during …

May 17, 2016

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