fire rated glass

The Importance of Fire Rated Glass in Building Design

What is Fire Rated Glass? Fire rated glass (a.k.a. fire resistant safety glass) offers a period of protection from smoke and flame, in the event of a fire. The level of protection depends on the specific type of glass deployed …

July 12, 2017
Glass building Safety Glass

How to Design Buildings Using Safety Glass

Since the Egyptians first used it to make beads over 4500 years ago, glass has invoked fascination among humans. Among the first to recognize the usefulness of glass as a building material were the Romans, who built their most important …

June 30, 2017
security glass

6 Ways To Increase Window Security In Your Home Or Business

Despite the positive aesthetic effects that windows add to a property, they also represent one of the most vulnerable points of access for intruders to gain entry to a building. Windows look stylish, they add ventilation, and they allow light …

May 17, 2017
fire protection glass

How To Increase Fire Protection In Office Buildings

The risk of fire in office buildings is substantial enough to warrant implementing the maximum amount of fire protection safeguards throughout these structures. According to data published by the U.K. government, there were a total of 15,984 fires in non-residential …

April 21, 2017

Incorporating Fire Resistant Building Materials in Construction

Although the number of deaths caused by house fires has decreased markedly over the last decade, residential fires remain the primary fire-related cause of death in the U.K. The truth is that more can be done to further reduce the …

March 28, 2017
toughened glass partitions

The Use of Toughened Glass In Architecture

Toughened glass may sound like something James Bond requires for his Aston Martin, but it’s more commonly used in many forms of architecture. After treatment with heat or chemicals to render it stronger, toughened glass strength can be four to …

February 22, 2017
diamond security glass, fire safety glass

Improving Fire Safety In Commercial Building Design

A critical component of any successful commercial building design is adequate consideration for the safety of building occupants in various scenarios, including dangerous situations such as a fire. Architects, engineers and contractors can improve a building’s fire safety by carefully …

February 1, 2017
Ballistic Glass

Security Glass – Testing & Classification of Resistance

Security glass is purpose designed to maximise the security of a building and the safety of those inside. However many variations of security glass solutions exist, each of which as classified differently based on their performance under pressure. To determine …

January 25, 2017
walk on glass

Walk-On Glass Roof Lights & Modern Architecture

Although glass elements have been popular in contemporary architecture for decades, incorporating the traditionally delicate material into the structure of a home or commercial building is relatively new. Glass is ideal for architecture because it lets in light, is a …

January 19, 2017

Why Architectural Glass Must Be Impact Tested

Architectural glass is an incredibly durable material, lending itself to balustrades, overhead canopies, elevator shafts and countless other applications in design and construction. However with such architectural applications not only comes a demand for an eye-catching aesthetic but perhaps just …

January 12, 2017

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