Key Applications for Ballistic Glass

Ballistic glass is designed to protect against weaponry of any calibre, and lends itself to a number of exterior and interior applications. The technology works by alternating multiple layers of bonded glass, or thinner polycarbonate, with specially developed inter-layers during the lamination process. This allows the incredible energy of bullets to be dispersed through these layers, and the materials also enables the glass to retain the projectiles.

As a result, the ballistic glass panes do not shatter under attack and prevent ricocheting bullets from causing  injury to bystanders and the property. This protection is an advantage for a number of properties, which are detailed below.

1. Financial Institutions

Though bank theft in Europe is declining, partially due to technological advances in security, the European Federation of Banking reported an astounding 2,347 bank thefts in 2014. This figure demonstrates the necessity of taking security seriously in financial institutions, which is where ballistic glass windows come into play.

While ballistic glass can also be installed in exterior windows, it’s recommended to install them in the teller windows too, as they then provide protection for staff in the event of a burglary. We’ve installed ballistic glass windows for a range of financial institutions.


2. Residential Areas

It is not simply commercial builds which can benefit from ballistic glass installations, but residential projects too. As information becomes more and more publicly accessible through government records and social media, it has become increasingly difficult to keep home locations private. Moreover, some properties are targeted simply because of their position in affluent neighbourhoods. Thus the need for enhanced home security has grown and so demand for ballistic glass for homes is growing.

Ballistic glass increases the safety of any residential property, removing windows as the weakest points of entry. Wall to wall ballistic glass windows or even a simple ballistic glass door pane can be installed without compromising the perimeter of your property.

3. Correctional Facilities

Prisons require state of the art security systems to not only contain the inmates, but also to protect the staff that guard them from eruptions of violence and attempted break outs. Installing ballistic glass for the external and interior windows aids in this aim by ensuring armed attacks on correctional facilities are unsuccessful, regardless of the calibre of weaponry used.

Moreover, the durable glass panes can also withstand other physical attacks, such as repeated strikes with blunt objects that prisoners or outside intruders may have to hand. The multiple laminated layers prevent the glass from shattering, therefore removing the opportunity for inmates to break through it or use the shards as a weapon.

security glass project

4. Military Bases

The toughened glass also increases the security of troops on military bases, through a number of potential applications. For example, installing ballistic glass panes at gate security stations improves the protection of one of the most vulnerable points on a military base.

Ballistic glass manufacturers can fashion the glass panes into a sliding screen in order for the soldiers on duty to continue with their identification process at points of entry. The ballistic glass screen provides a safe place of retreat in case of an attack and allows at least one staff member at the position to remain secure behind the glass, allowing them to raise the alarm if needed.

Considering ballistic glass for an upcoming project?

For more information on how ballistic glass can keep your business or property secure, contact Diamond Security Glass today. Our expert team would be happy to discuss the specifications of your project and provide advice and assistance with choosing glass solutions.

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