Applications of Walk-On Glass

Glass is such a prominent feature in modern architecture and design, particularly as designers see glass a “red-hot green building material“. The applications of glass continue to evolve with walk-on glass becoming a particularly popular design feature. This comes as no surprise as this type of glass is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Walk-On Glass is a toughened glass with a certified anti-slip surface. It is manufactured from layers of toughened glass which are bonded together to create a safe, strong surface. Walk-on glass looks really impressive whether featured in commercial or residential interior or exterior design. It can fulfil important practical purposes such as introducing natural light to dark rooms and making greater use of floor or roof space.

Walk-on glass lends itself incredibly to several different applications.


The most common use of walk-on glass is in flooring. Walk-on glass floors are always going to make a statement in any building whether its featured on a balcony floor, steps, stair treads or a specific space within a room. It can help to deflect natural daylight and maximise the appearance of the size of a space.

Walk-on glass floors feature an anti-slip surface ensuring a safe, strong surface. A walk-on glass floor offers the perfect blend of safety and eye-catching design.


Walkways & Bridges

Structural walk-on glass panels can be used to create a spectacular glass walkway or bridge. Walk-on glass bridges can be supported by steel supports or structural glass beams. These beams are so minimalistic in appearance that they do not deter from the aesthetics. The structural beams ensure that your bridge or walk-on glass walkways can span large distances if required.

Walk-on glass can be used in both internal and external walkways and bridges. Walk-on glass walkways and bridges can be observed in a variety of commercial buildings including shopping centres, office blocks, leisure centres, hospitals, hotels and colleges.

Roofs & Skylights

A walk-on glass roof or skylight is ideal for roof terraces or interior ceilings where there is a need to deflect light below and where pedestrian access is required on the surface. Walk-on glass roofs and skylights have been used in hotel gardens where a gym or seating area lies below and a garden terrace in a bar or nightclub where further levels of the establishment lie below.

Walk-on glass roofs and skylights are used to separate upper and lower levels in residential buildings. Walk-on glass roof lights are the perfect choice for basement conversions and other hard to illuminate areas. Walk-on glass is also frequently used in the roofs of patio and conservatory areas to enable safe pedestrian access in the event of emergency or cleaning. It can be a very wise idea to use switchable walk-on glass panels in roofs and skylights to enable privacy on demand.Walk-on Glass

Well/Hole Covers

Panels of walk-on glass are also ideal for use as well covers, light wells and wine cellar covers. Glass can provide a much more aesthetically pleasing choice than a metal or wooden well, light or cellar cover. However any glass panels used need to be suitable for pedestrian access or these areas will essentially become unsafe unless access is restricted. Walk-on glass panels are commonly used in electric residential swimming pool covers.

How can walk-on glass fit your upcoming project?

Aesthetically pleasing and equipped with an anti-slip surface, walk-on glass can certainly enhance commercial and residential design projects. Thinking of featuring walk-on glass panels in an upcoming project? Contact our expert team to discuss your requirements or download the tech specs.

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