3 Top Security Tips for Protecting Glass Shop-Fronts

Though glass shop-fronts are advantageous for window marketing, they also create a vulnerable point in a building’s exterior. The perceived fragility of the material makes them highly attractive to both vandals and thieves alike. Fortunately, there are security measures which can reduce the likelihood of crime occurring against a shop-front. Therefore, we’ve leaned on our expertise as one of the U.K.’s leading security glass providers to share three top tips for securing glass shop-fronts.

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1. Consider a dropdown shutter

Utilising dropdown shutters during non-business hours is an excellent protective measure for shop-fronts. A number of options are available, though solid rolling shutters that secure on the exterior of a business are widely recognized as the best choice. These cannot be penetrated with weapons the same way a perforated version can be, and they also work as a deterrent against criminal attempts due to their high visibility. Moreover, they even provide protection during weather related events. For example, durable shutters can secure your store front against debris during storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.

An important point to note is the shutters need to be secured at the bottom of the shop front. Solely using an electrically operated system can leave the key switch open to hot wiring by advanced criminals, and so it is recommended to also use a physical lock, welded to the bottom rail of the shutter.

2. Install store-front bollards

Installing poles in front of a store front removes the possibility of a vehicle being used to shatter the window panes. These do not disrupt foot traffic and are set deeply into concrete at regular intervals, to ensure they cannot be uprooted. Decorative options are available to avoid deferring from the aesthetic design of the business premises, such as organic boulders or brightly coloured plant pots.

Nevertheless, before installing the bollards it’s essential to check that the area these will be installed in belongs to the business premises in question. Depending on the area the bollards are being used within, permission from your local authority may need to be granted before installation.

3. Utilise security glass

Security glass windows are the more aesthetically pleasing alternative to barred windows. The durable security glass panels cannot be shattered and has been tested with a range of blunt objects, including the most common weapons during a break-in attempt – bricks, stones and scaffolding. It takes minutes of constant, forceful blows for a crack to begin forming in security glass, deterring most assailants and enabling the alarm to be raised before the business is breached.

Furthermore, since the security glass panels are manufactured by layering glass with ultra-strong, penetration resistant films, even if the security glass is cracked, the vandal or thief will find it incredibly difficult to gain entry. The tough plastic interlayer is too flexible to break under blows, and will also retain the glass shards.

To find out more about how security glass panels can offer protection for your store front, contact Diamond Glass today. Our expert team are on hand to answer any queries and discuss your project’s specific requirements.

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