Monthly Archives: January 2017

Ballistic Glass

Security Glass – Testing & Classification of Resistance

Security glass is purpose designed to maximise the security of a building and the safety of those inside. However many variations of security glass solutions exist, each of which as classified differently based on their performance under pressure. To determine …

January 25, 2017
walk on glass

Walk-On Glass Roof Lights & Modern Architecture

Although glass elements have been popular in contemporary architecture for decades, incorporating the traditionally delicate material into the structure of a home or commercial building is relatively new. Glass is ideal for architecture because it lets in light, is a …

January 19, 2017

Why Architectural Glass Must Be Impact Tested

Architectural glass is an incredibly durable material, lending itself to balustrades, overhead canopies, elevator shafts and countless other applications in design and construction. However with such architectural applications not only comes a demand for an eye-catching aesthetic but perhaps just …

January 12, 2017

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