Monthly Archives: April 2016

Anti-attack Glass

Preventing Break-ins with Security Glass Windows

Whether you manage a bank or run your own beauty salon, the security of your business will undoubtedly be a key priority. This can be frustratingly hard to manage, when all it takes is for a brick to smash your …

April 25, 2016

Applications of Walk-On Glass

Glass is such a prominent feature in modern architecture and design, particularly as designers see glass a “red-hot green building material“. The applications of glass continue to evolve with walk-on glass becoming a particularly popular design feature. This comes as …

April 20, 2016

Why and When to Use Laminated Glass Panels

Laminated glass is a high performance glazing product used frequently in both residential and commercial building projects. The demand for laminated glass over traditional float glass panels continues to soar, particularly in commercial projects. As businesses continue to discover the …

April 11, 2016

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